Denial, anger, acceptance…stages of grief all found in HILARIOUS celeb inauguration reactions

Donald Trump’s winning is the gift that keeps on giving.

Everyone knows the Hollywood hive-mind completely rejects the notion that Donald Trump just became America’s 45th president.

Despite endless tantrums, petitions, and condescending, mind-numbing videos (videos… videos… videos…) Trump put his hand on his favorite Bibles and made it happen — along with half of the nation.

The reactions from everywhere were pouring in on Twitter. There was a small handful of pro-Trump tweets from the celeb crowd, but mostly they were really losing it.

Smells like sour grapes.

The ever overly dramatic Debra Messing found a way to make it all about herself with video vowing to protect the Constitution:

Really, Messing? Where were you for the past eight years? NOW, you want to “defend” the Constitution? Please.

Rosie at least was kind of enough to take herself out of it. COMPLETELY  out of it.

Aww, look at that. The ultimate beta-male George Takei ran for safety. Hope it was warm underneath his blankie.

Me too, sister!

Now, were talkin’!

And the best of the worst goes to uber-lib Sally Kohn — who just couldn’t help herself.

We knew we could count on you, Sally.

Some wondered if there wasn’t a subliminal message of Sally’s trying to surface.

Good one!


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