You won’t believe why this school teacher isn’t letting his students watch Trump’s Inauguration speech

Regardless of any “colorful language” Donald Trump may or may not have used in his life, does anyone truly think the president-elect would take advantage of the fact that literally the entire country, if not the world, will be watching the solemn occasion of his speech on Friday … to toss a couple of F-bombs?

You know, just for kicks and giggles?

Apparently, one Michigan elementary school teacher does, and he’s using that to deny his students the opportunity to watch one of the seminal moments in American history, according to Fox News.

Brett Meteyer, a teacher at Explorer Elementary in Williamston, Michigan, plans to allow his students to watch the inaugural ceremony, but not the part where the president-elect speaks to the American people as president for the first time.

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Because he ‘fears’ our new president might use “inflammatory and degrading” language, the teacher wrote in an email to parents.

Conservative radio talk show host Steve Gruber obtained the email and posted to it Facebook. In the email, Meteyer wrote, “Because I am concerned about my students and your children being exposed to language and behavior that is not in concert with the most conservative social and family values, I have decided to show the inauguration Donald Trump this Friday, but we will not view Mr. Trump’s inauguration speech.”

Meteyer relayed that he has “put in a request” to Trump’s team to preview the speech, but shockingly he hasn’t heard back yet.

“I showed the speeches of Presidents Obama and Bush in 2009 and 2005, respectively, but am anxious about showing Mr. Trump’s inaugural address, given his past inflammatory and degrading comments about minorities, women, and the disabled. I am also uneasy about Mr. Trump’s casual use of profanity, so I sought an assurance that as their teacher, I would not be exposing children to language that would not appear in G- or PG-rated movies.”

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