Van Jones delivers unbelievable answer when asked why Trump doesn’t ‘deserve silence’ from Obama

Former Obama administration official Van Jones was asked why President Obama won’t give President-elect Donald Trump the same space to govern free from criticism that former President George W. Bush gave Obama.

The question was posed to Jones during his appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Wednesday night.

During his final news conference as president Wednesday, Obama told reporters that he didn’t plan to gracefully stand aside and remain silent as his predecessor had done, claiming dissent to be an American core value.

Political analyst Kirsten Powers observed that “Obama supporters and perhaps Obama himself really appreciated that.”

Cooper turned the question over to Jones, Obama’s former green jobs czar.

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“George W. Bush could have said when President Obama became president, well, when the core values of the Second Amendment are threatened I’m going to speak up,” the anchor stated. “Yet, he didn’t. He said he deserved silence. Why doesn’t Donald Trump deserve President Obama’s silence?”

“Very simple,” Jones told Cooper. “Because Obama came in to fix things that were broke,” Jones replied. “Trump is coming in to break things that Obama fixed.”

Folks on social media roared at that one.

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