Trump reportedly under pressure to have at least one very controversial dance at Inauguration Ball

Just when you thought the upcoming presidential inauguration couldn’t get more bizarre, what with protesters, pot smoke-ins and Congressional no-shows, it just got exponentially more bizarre.

Advisors to Donald Trump are reportedly urging the president-elect to save at least one dance during the celebrations for transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner.

President-elect Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner. Save the last dance for me?
President-elect Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner. Save the last dance for me?

“It’s a brilliant idea,” a member of the incoming administration told the New York Post’s Page Six.

Some advisors believe such a move could go a long way toward quelling the rantings that the LGBT community have waged against both Trump and conservative Republicans.

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“Time heals all wounds,” a source told Page Six.

Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, who later fathered six children before transitioning into Caitlyn Marie Jenner, has always considered herself to be a conservative Republican.

Shortly after that move, Trump said he didn’t care which restroom Jenner would choose at Trump Tower — he was good either way with it. But dancing with her? That would be a sight that would set the flash bulbs a-popping.

“The image of Trump dancing with Caitlyn would send a strong message that he supports gay rights and trans rights,” the source told Page Six. “A picture is worth a thousand tweets.”

Jenner isn’t committing either way — it’s a wait-and-see proposition at best.

“Can’t deal in hypotheticals,” her publicist said. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Social media didn’t exactly give the suggestion their Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

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One observed that Jenner has yet to submit to surgery to make the transition complete.

And another opined that nothing could mollify the far-left loons.


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