Fox News’ Judge Nap meets with Trump TWICE and everyone is abuzz about Supreme Court possibilities

Incoming president Donald Trump hopes to nominate a Supreme Court justice within the next two weeks.

That’s what Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News anchor Shepard Smith after meeting with Trump on Tuesday.

Napolitano spoke with Trump for the second time to discuss a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

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Judge Nap said Trump wants to name a replacement “in the next two weeks or sooner.”

While Napolitano didn’t disclose details of his conversation, he said Trump wants to find a conservative jurist in the mold of Justice Scalia, who died in 2016.

“We discussed the type of things that animated Justice Scalia — his views that the Constitution’s meaning was established and fixed at the time it was enacted and amended. It doesn’t change with the passage of time,” Napolitano said.

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Judge Nap said Trump will pick a nominee from the original list of 21 candidates he released in May 2016. “He is looking for someone who thinks like Justice Scalia,” Napolitano underscored.

Trump’s list of possible Supreme Court nominees:

 1. Keith Blackwell
2. Charles Canady
3. Steven Colloton
4. Allison Eid
5. Neil Gorsuch
6. Raymond Gruender
7. Thomas Hardiman
8. Raymond Kethledge
9. Joan Larsen
10. Mike Lee
11. Thomas Lee
12. Edward Mansfield
13. Federico Moreno
14. William Pryor
15. Margaret A. Ryan
16. Amul Thapar
17. Timothy Tymkovich
18. David Stras
19. Diane Sykes
20. Don Willett
21. Robert Young

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