Elizabeth Warren gets harsh reminder of who’s in charge when she demands more time for Dems

The normally sedate Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions became the scene of a Fourth of July display when Sen. Elizabeth Warren led her fellow party members in demanding a second round of questioning of Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice as secretary of education.

Clip via Fox News Channel

The Massachusetts Democrat asked committee Chairman Sen. Lamar Alexander for a second day of hearings, and told him that if hearings were to be extended for an additional day, she would have “many, many more” questions to ask of DeVos.

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The Tennessee Republican observed that precedent didn’t call for a second round of questioning. When President Obama’s two nominees for education secretary were being considered by the committee, there was only one round of questioning by committee members.

He added that although many Republican committee members weren’t happy with the single round of questioning, “out of deference to the president and the institution, we thought that it would be appropriate for us to defer to the president.”

He added that DeVos had already spent 50 percent more time under committee questioning than either of Obama’s picks.

Alexander’s answer clearly stuck in Warren’s craw.

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Throughout Alexander’s patient explanation Warren’s posturing and fidgeting displayed discontent. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee loved the turnabout, as did his followers.

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DeVos has indicated throughout her life that she placed students above teacher unions when it comes to education. She is pro-school choice, anti-Common Core and anti-union, and that’s what really sticks in the craw of the Democrats.

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