Viewers blast CNN for airing Ivanka Trump special on MLK Day

With Trump Derangement Syndrome now in full-on high gear, even family members of President-elect Donald Trump are feeling the effects.

CNN aired a 30-minute segment, titled “CNN Special Report: First Daughter: Ivanka Trump,” on Monday about Trump’s daughter, who the network insists is “poised to become one of the most influential — and powerful — first daughters in US history.”

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…and viewers took great exception that the network would dare run the special on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Though proud of his daughter, Trump was not above taking advantage of the special to get a shot in against CNN, which he has previously labeled as “fake news.”

Either way, the reaction from some social media users seemed to suggest that since it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, CNN should air nothing but MLK.

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Or could it be that the left is choosing to judge Ivanka Trump not by the content of her character, but by the color of her skin?

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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