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Rush: ‘Poor Obama. Most powerful man in the world, and he couldn’t overcome the guy on the radio’

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Rush Limbaugh fired back at President Obama for blaming the conservative radio host for fanning partisanship during his administration.

Limbaugh seemed not too pleased after all with the dubious honor the president bestowed on him in an NBC interview last week, crediting Limbaugh and Fox News for contributing to the “really sharp partisanship” that challenged his agenda.

“He came into office blaming me and telling the Republicans they have to stop listening to me,” Limbaugh said Monday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show.”

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In touting Limbaugh’s powerful influence among conservatives, Obama paid him an unintended high compliment.

But Limbaugh was not letting the outgoing president off the hook that easy.

“It’s kind of a crock here for the guy to blame me for partisanship in Washington. I’m never there. I’m a guy on the radio. Admittedly, a powerful, influential member of the media guy on the radio. But nevertheless, I’m not there. But the noteworthy thing here is how he exempts himself from any of the reasons for partisanship,” Limbaugh said.

After playing a clip from Obama’s CBS interview Sunday on “60 Minutes,” Limbaugh pounced on the president’s comment about talk radio and cynicism in the nation.

“So guess who’s to blame for making America cynical? That’s right. That guy on the radio again, your beloved host, El Rushbo. That’s right,” Limbaugh said.  “The corrosive nature of everything from talk radio to fake news, negative advertising. Ah, it’s horrible, Tea Party, and who’s responsible for the Tea Party? That guy on the radio. Poor Obama. Most powerful man in the world, and he couldn’t overcome the guy on the radio.”

Maybe, in the end, Limbaugh was able to see the positive side of being the thorn in Obama’s side for eight years.

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“The lack of cooperation, the lack of Republicans helping Obama accomplish his socialist agenda was my fault. I think, in truth, I should be applauded and credited if I’m indeed responsible for this,” he said.  “If I’m the reason the Republicans didn’t cooperate, give me the Medal of Freedom or whatever it is.”

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