Keith Ellison’s ‘reasoning’ for skipping Trump inauguration is mock-tastic – it’s just too easy!

Sour grapes anyone?

The list of Democratic lawmakers boycotting the Trump inauguration keeps growing, with no end in sight. And now, Minnesota Representative and possible DNC chair Keith Ellison has officially joined the sore loser ranks.

Ellison explained his reasoning in a tweet Monday afternoon.

That makes 25 Democratic House members and counting, including Georgia Rep. John Lewis, who called Trump’s upcoming presidency “illegitimate” because of Russian hacking, or something. One can’t help but wonder what these folks would be saying if Hillary Clinton had won and Republican lawmakers were boycotting HER inauguration, but we all know the answer to that question.

Embarrassing number of viewers watched NFL playoffs instead of Obama’s ‘farewell’ address?

Being the highest profile Democrat to boycott the inauguration so far, Ellison naturally drew plenty of fire on social media. After all, Twitter makes pointing out liberal hypocrisy easy, and fun!

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Scott Morefield


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