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CAIR wants Trump to stop ‘notorious Islamophobe’ from saying prayer at inauguration

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The war on Christians has bubbled up all the way to the White House.

Muslim-rights group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is demanding that Donald Trump not allow Christian minister Franklin Graham to pray at the presidential inauguration.

Reverend Graham, the son of iconic evangelical pastor Billy Graham, is one of six clergy who will offer prayers at the January 20 swearing-in ceremony.

CAIR, which was once designated a terrorist organization by the Department of Justice, claims Graham is a “notorious Islamophobe” in a statement.

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“Rev. Graham’s ill-informed and extremist views are incompatible with the Constitution and with American values of religious liberty and inclusion,” said Nihad Awad, the Hamas-linked executive director of CAIR.

CAIR director Nihad Awad muslim
CAIR director Nihad Awad refuses to admit that radical Islam is the main source of terrorism despite the facts. (YouTube)

CAIR has a long history of promoting a militant pro-Muslim agenda by pressuring lawmakers and filing lawsuits claiming Islamophobia and racism (even though Muslim is not a race).

Graham is an outspoken critic of radical Islamic terrorism who once said Islam is incompatible with “American values” because many Muslims refuse to integrate into Western society.

It’s unlikely Trump will heed CAIR’s demand, since he recently thanked Graham for helping him win the presidency.

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“I want to thank so many great people, but having Franklin Graham — who was so instrumental — we won so big with evangelical Christians. We won so big,” Trump said at a thank-you rally in Alabama.

Meanwhile, Trump loyalists dismissed CAIR’s demand, calling it ridiculous.

Others on Twitter pointed to the startling statistical connection between Islam and crime, including the mass murders of Jews and Christians.



Some on Twitter noted that many Muslims refuse to integrate into Western society while demanding that Westerners bend over backwards to accommodate them.




Still others pointed out that Muslims take advantage of Europe’s generous welfare states by having the government subsidize their multiple wives and litters of children.



In 2013, CAIR director Nihad Awad got into a heated argument with Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly because he refused to admit that radical Islam is the main source of terrorism in the world.

O’Reilly schooled Awad:

You not admitting that radical Islam drives worldwide terrorism puts you in the category where you have no credibility because the facts are the facts. Ninety percent of worldwide terrorism is radical Islam, period.

Awad’s responded by insisting Islam is a “religion of peace” and accusing O’Reilly of lying.

“Bill, I think you are just making up some stuff about Islam,” Awad said.

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