Watch what happens when poor Poppy tries to interrupt US Rep Barbara Lee’s shrill anti-Trump rant

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee went on an epic tirade Saturday night on CNN, claiming she couldn’t attend Friday’s inauguration because she “can’t celebrate … what has taken place in terms of this president’s overall agenda and the divisiveness and his bigoted approach to governance.”

The California Democrat is one of 16 House Democrats who refuse to witness the peaceful change in executive power.

She began listing her reasons to CNN’s Poppy Harlow during a telephone interview Saturday night.

“I cannot celebrate attacking a Gold Star family,” she said, referring to Khizr Khan who spoke against Trump at the Democratic National Convention.

“I cannot celebrate the denigration of women or wanting to build a wall with Mexico” she continued in an interview that was fast-becoming a stump speech.

“I can’t celebrate the notion that we would deport Dreamers,” referring to those who immigrated to the United States illegally with their parents.

She went on like this, punctuating the phrase, “I can’t celebrate.”

Harlow attempted to jump in to stop the speechmaking at about the 2:40 mark to ask if she felt Trump was the legitimate president-elect, but Lee didn’t seem to hear a word for nearly 40 seconds.

Lee still didn’t seem to comprehend and continued ranting against Trump and talking over the CNN host. Harlow was finally able to rein her in at about the 4:40 mark, which was apparently when Lee had to come up for air.

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