Some skills! NY Times avoids naming ‘March for Life’ in entire 700-word article on … the ‘March for Life’

Despite having been exposed for its inherent liberal bias and, more and more, suffering the consequences for that bias — see Donald Trump — the mainstream media appears to be committed to going down with the ship.

The latest example of egregious behavior comes from The New York Times, where an article this week about the “March for Life” managed to “avoid almost all references to the ‘March for Life,'” according to the Washington Examiner.

In fact, “March for Life” does not appear a single time in the story as a standalone title, mentioned only when identifying the group’s president.

More from the Examiner:

The paper’s 700-plus-word report on Kellyanne Conway’s plan to address the annual gathering of pro-life activists in the nation’s capital referred to the event by its proper name only once, and it’s done five paragraphs into the story and in reference to an organizer’s job title.

The story twice refers to the 44-year-old demonstration as an “anti-abortion march.”

The fact that the article barely mentions the protest by name seems an odd one considering the rally is a central element to the report.


As for who is responsible for the “oversight,” well… the author of the article, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, pointed to The Times’ copy editors in a response to a tweet from Ryan T. Anderson, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

…unknowingly proving that the slight was deliberate:

Here’s a sampling of responses to Stolberg’s


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