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Josh Earnest dodges question on Obamas’ dog Sunny biting visitor, reporters find it hilarious

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On Thursday, TMZ reported that the ‘Second Dog,’ Sunny, bit one of Malia Obama’s friends on the cheek during a White House visit. The bite required a hospital visit, some stitches, and will likely leave a mark.

But it gets worse! When White House press secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the incident, instead of admitting the issue, he dodged the question by referring to the dogs as “good ambassadors,” that “represented themselves and our country quite well.”

Um, by biting visitors on the face?

It happens, even with friendly pets, but apparently reporters and Earnest himself found the whole thing quite humorous. According to The Hill:

White House press secretary Josh Earnest refused to confirm the report, but said with a grin that “Bo and Sunny have been genuine ambassadors to the American people.”

The comment elicited laughter from the reporters assembled inside the James A. Brady Press Briefing Room.

“They’ve represented themselves and their country quite well,” a smiling Earnest added.

The rest of us? Well, we’re laughing about the fact that Earnest and the Obama Administration have less than a week in office!

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