Talk about jumping the gun! Did Hannity just engage in the most one-sided Twitter feud ever?

Did someone just jump the gun?

Things escalated quickly on Twitter Wednesday evening between MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity, likely over one enormous misunderstanding.

And this time, in this particular ‘war,’ it was the popular Fox News host who fired all the shots.

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It all started with CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski making light of Donald Trump’s press conference attacks on CNN. You know, the one where Trump called them out for being the “fake news” purveyors they are.

Pretty funny stuff, actually, which is why Scarborough retweeted it with his own retort:

Hannity, apparently thinking Scarborough was taking a dig at him, then fired a couple of pretty loaded volleys back:

hannity tweet one

He probably should’ve left it there, but didn’t:

sean hannity tweet 2

And it was on like Donkey Kong…

Or was it?

Apparently, the “mistake” Hannity was referring to was his November citing of a Gateway Pundit article that falsely reported Michelle Obama to have deleted all tweets and mentions of Hillary Clinton after revelations of the then-new FBI investigation.

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Except, that wasn’t what Scarborough was talking about at all. And Hannity wasn’t even who he was referring to.

But even so, Sean, would love to see those skeletons in Scarborough’s closet!

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