MSNBC’s Joy Reid brags Obama’s Cuban policy change a partisan shot against ‘lone GOP Hispanics’

“This seems pretty immoral.”

SOB FEST as Obama surprises emotional Joe Biden with Medal of Freedom, but not everyone’s feelin’ it

Talk about drama!

‘Back of the bus’? Dem Rep. makes ‘shameful’ race-based accusation at Sessions’ hearing

“We have heard enough of this bull crap!”

Determined Kellyanne Conway uses Twitter to continue all-out assault on CNN, Buzzfeed

Oh, she’s going to get the last word all right.

Dem Sen. attempts to rattle Mattis over LGBT military, he shuts her down with one sentence

“Frankly, senator…”

Bad news for Marilyn Mosby; judge rules cops’ case for malicious prosecution can move forward

“This isn’t over.”

Spy behind Trump dossier smear outed and reportedly in hiding for fear of his life

“He is terrified for his safety.”

Reporter deletes tweet suggesting Obama would be the perfect person to ‘kill’ Trump & Pence

… then reprimands ‘humorless’ Trump supporters!

So courageous! Snowflake celebs sing ‘I Will Survive’ ahead of Trump’s ‘impending presidency’

Truly embarrassing.

lights out
‘Coincidence?’ Sudden blackout at Senate CIA hearing has Twitter reaction on overdrive

“Russia controls our politics, our souls, our electric grids…”

Expected about-face coming on social engineering experiments in Mattis’s military

Yeah, that probably won’t fly.

Giuliani to head new cybersecurity group for Trump admin, will rely on private sector to get the job done

“It’s about time.”

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