Ted Cruz blows liberal smears and Al Franken out of the water at Sessions hearing

Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Democrats for partisan politics and attempts to smear Attorney General nominee, Sen. Jeff Sessions, during confirmation hearings.

The Texas senator blasted the Democrats Tuesday for disrespecting the rule of law for the last eight years and revealed just why they fear the confirmation of President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee.

“If we were to play a game of tit for tat,” Cruz said,  “then a Republican Attorney General should be equally partisan, should disregard the law, should advance political preferences favored by the Republican Party.”

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Sessions later responded, “This country will be stronger if we adhere to the law.”

Cruz elaborated on the Department of Justice’s “consistent” disregard for the rule of law in President Obama’s administration.

“I support Senator Sessions for attorney general for the very reason that many vehemently oppose him. Namely, I — and they — know that Sessions will enforce the law.”

Cruz also decimated Sen. Al Franken, (D-Minn.), for earlier accusing Sessions of lying about his record.

“It is unfortunate to see members of this body impugn the integrity of a fellow senator with whom we have served for years,” Cruz said. “It is particularly unfortunate when that attempt is not backed up by fact.”

Franken had used an op-ed written by attorney Gary Hebert who had admitted he misrepresented the facts in a subsequent testimony to the Senate.

“The fact that this is controversial tells you all you need to know about the sorry intellectual state of our country’s elites, especially in the legal academy and federal bureaucracies,” Cruz said.  “Senator Sessions believes in the foundational idea that we are governed by objectively knowable, written rules, and that we should not be subject to the interpretive whims of unelected, power-hungry bureaucrats. Sessions will instill this belief at the Department of Justice.”

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Franken responded later by saying he was just doing his job by questioning Sessions’ record.

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Frieda Powers


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