John McCain admits he gave FBI the Trump smear dossier; angry Americans want him removed

McCain should be removed if he doesn’t recuse himself. This is INSANE!!!!

Ted Cruz blows liberal smears and Al Franken out of the water at Sessions hearing

Cruz nails it!

Why did Senate Dems dump their star witness against Sessions?

Pressed further, the spokesman declined to comment.

He couldn’t resist: Obama told one particularly blatant big, fat lie in his Farewell Address

This was a big one.

Obama may get rejected from elite Maryland golf club over anti-Israel policies

“If there’s a club that excludes Jews, he’d probably be more comfortable . . .”

Obama: ‘Our children won’t have time to debate the existence of climate change’


Where’s Sasha? One Obama daughter goes missing for farewell speech, sparks comedy gold

“It’s too much for the poor girl.”

Donald Trump upstages Barack Obama . . . inadvertently hijacks lame duck’s farewell speech!

“Leave it to Trump . . . “

Anti-cop picture still stirring trouble in DC: ‘We might just have to kick somebody’s a** and stop them’

The painting has been the subject of a ping-pong volley.

Judge Nap says FBI released Hillary email ‘SMOKING GUN’ on Sunday, and it may change everything

“This evidence, makes it clear . . . “

Trump tweets in CAPS over intel agencies’ ‘golden shower’ leak, asks ‘are we living in Nazi Germany?’

Buzzfeed set social media ablaze on Tuesday when it published a report alleged to be compromising intelligence information on the president-elect. Donald Trump himself blasted the entire […]

New State Dept. pavilion named after Hillary; guess where the donations came from?

But will there be an exhibit on how to handle classified emails?