‘We blushed’: Guilfoyle and Perino dress up as cowgirls, get charmed by bull riders behind the scenes

Professional Bull Riding kicked off its 2017 season in New York City and Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino were on hand for behind-the-scenes coverage.

New York’s Madison Square Garden, home to the New York Knicks and New York Rangers, was transformed with the arrival of bulls and riders for the event.

Perino and Guilfoyle recounted their exhilarating experience on Fox News Channels’s “The Five” on Tuesday.

Images: screenshot Fox News

Rider Jess Lockwood, who was making his first trip to New York City from his home in Montana, said his strategy to win was to be just as “mean” as the bulls when riding.


“Some bulls are tame, but once they get in the chute, they have a job to do,” he said. “To buck you off.”

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North Dakota rider Stetson Lawrence explained that the bulls weigh anywhere from half a ton to 1,500 pounds.


Bonner Bolton, who broke his C-2 vertebrae when he had an “out of control” dismount last year, told Perino and Guilfoyle that he is not yet cleared to ride again but has been given the opportunity to model in the meantime.

Guilfoyle and Perino found themselves in the center of the action giving play-by-play commentary from the “shark tank.”


“Once you go PBR Shark Tank, you never go back,” Guilfoyle said.

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The women recounted their experience on set, telling their co-hosts how well-mannered and charming the riders were.


“We blushed,” Perino said.

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