‘That’s theft!’ Lawmaker re-hangs anti-cop painting GOP colleague removed – who’s he gonna complain to, police?

The war on cops isn’t just happening on the streets. It’s also happening on Capitol Hill.

Democratic lawmakers plan to reinstall a controversial painting depicting police officers as ruthless pigs who are victimizing black youth.

The painting was removed last week by Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter, an Iraq War veteran who’s currently active in the Marine Corps Reserve.

“I was angry,” Hunter said. “I’m in the Marine Corps. If you want it done, just call us.”

The Congressional Black Caucus and Missouri Congressman Lacy Clay, who sponsored the painting, have since issued a statement saying they plan to re-hang it in the Capitol complex.

Rep. Clay even said he plans to file a criminal complaint, calling Hunter’s removal of the painting “theft.”

Meryl Streep just got checkmated by a guy with one hand – nobody can beat his response!

“How dare he!” a furious Clay told reporters. “He was way out of bounds. He broke the law. It’s called theft.”

Clay was immediately mocked by some on Twitter, who asked who he’s going to file his complaint with — the police?


Others on Twitter warned that the painting’s anti-cop message could lead to more police deaths in the wake of the recent wave of ambush murders.

Others slammed the ignorant masses for blaming cops for black homicides while blithely ignoring skyrocketing black-on-black crime statistics.


One Twitter user wondered when the biased mainstream media will blame Donald Trump for the shocking spike in Chicago’s murder rates.

On Monday, Donald Trump celebrated Law Enforcement Appreciation Day by tweeting his support for the men and women in blue who stand between civil society and anarchy.


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