Sheriff Clarke: Here’s the BEST thing about Obama’s presidency and the FIRST thing Trump should do

On a Monday appearance on Fox Business, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke didn’t mince words about what he felt is the best thing about the Obama Presidency.

It’s coming to a merciful end…

“The best thing about the Obama presidency is that there are only 11 days left, and the election of Donald Trump,” Clarke said. “We have a chance in this country to put this aside and to rebuild this nation again in terms of relations – not just on race – but between gender, economic, ethnicity, and so forth. And that’s why I’ve suggested that one of the first things that President-elect Trump should do in his first 100 days is deliver a Gettysburg-type address to begin to help this nation heal.”

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Back in April 2016, Sheriff Clarke expressed similar sentiments on a Fox & Friends appearance, except there were still almost 9 long months to go. “The best thing about the Obama presidency right now is that it’s coming to an end,” Clarke said. “And America’s nightmare will be over and we’ll be able to pick up the ruins left by him and put this country back together again.”

And now, we’re only less than two weeks away!

Needless to say, plenty of weary Americans agree, and they weren’t shy about expressing their views on Twitter:

And finally, a sentiment many on the right can agree with…

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Scott Morefield


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