Scott Baio laughs at Hollywood libs: Keep it up, you guarantee Trump 8 years . . . this is why you lost

Appearing on the Fox Business Channel, Scott Baio let out a long belly laugh when asked to respond to Meryl Streep‘s claim that Hollywood actors and actresses are vilified and persecuted.

“We have the best lives of anybody,” Baio said, once he stopped laughing. “We’re not vilified. It’s absurd.”

He went on to point out that Hollywood moonbats have been “crucifying President-elect [Donald] Trump for so long now,” characterizing Streep’s assertion as “insulting” and “not very intelligent.”

“I didn’t have a choice, I had to give [President Barack] Obama a chance eight years ago,” he said. “These people, these Hollywood liberals, won’t even give Trump a chance.”

White House praises Meryl Streep’s ‘thoughtful, carefully considered’ Golden Globe message

Baio then offered his left-of-center colleagues a little advice, as captured in the meme below:

Watch more of Baio’s interview below, to include the actor’s take on the claim Trump mocked a disabled reporter:

As for the claim about the reporter, Larry Elders weighed in on the #fakenews on Twitter:

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison

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