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Insider claims ‘extremely jealous’ Greta Van Susteren not happy to be coworkers again with Megyn Kelly

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In the lead up to her debut on MSNBC, Greta Van Susteren showed how much of an impression Fox News has made on her, but it seems she may not have been too thrilled about some people at the network.

…such as Megyn Kelly.

Though it amounts to little more than rumors, an “industry insider” is claiming that Van Susteren, who supposedly has a longstanding dislike of Kelly, was not happy about joining her former colleague at NBC News, the Daily Mail reported.

“They both started working together out of the Washington, D.C. office when Megyn joined [Fox News] in 2004, and Greta never liked her,” the insider said. “She was extremely jealous of Megyn.”

An indication of a potentially icy relationship between the two women could be seen during an interview in May, when Kelly was asked by “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen if Van Susteren had been supportive of her during her dust-up with Donald Trump.

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“She’s in the DC Bureau and I’m in New York so I don’t ever see her,” Kelly replied, according to The Mail. “Not directly no. She’s busy, Greta does a lot of things and I do a lot of things … it’s fine.”

Van Susteren left Fox News last year, saying the network “has not felt like home to me for a few years.”

Coincidentally, “The Kelly File” debuted on the network three years ago, on October 8, 2013, in the prime 9 p.m. time slot that benefits from ratings king Bill O’Reilly’s lead in.

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At the same time, Van Susteren’s 10 p.m. show was moved to 7 p.m., and she reportedly felt pushed aside by Kelly, according to the British tabloid. Van Susteren denied reports at the time that she met with CNN to explore a move because of this.

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