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Watch this black politico destroy Al Sharpton’s squeal for ‘season of civil disobedience’ over Sessions pick

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“When liberals are losing they always play the race card.”


That’s what T.W. Shannon, the former Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, said in response to Rev. Al Sharpton‘s calls for a “season of civil disobedience” to protest the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General.

Sharpton, a race-baiting clown famous for promoting rape hoaxer Tawana Brawley‘s FAKE story claiming four white men had raped her in 1987, is organizing a march to protest Session’s nomination.

Sharpton says Sessions is racist. But then again, that’s what he calls every conservative white politician.

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In response, T.W. Shannon — who’s African-American — said Sharpton is trying to ignite a race war. Because that’s what he does.

“I’m not surprised that Sharpton is using the race-baiting tactics that made him famous,” Shannon said.


Shannon said Sharpton is following the Democratic party’s playbook of playing the race card whenever they don’t get their way. Shannon stood behind Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, saying Sessions is a good man:

As always, the good reverend is looking for race in all the wrong places. Once again, we see him going after the character of a conservative.

Jeff Sessions has the character, he has the credentials, and he has the ability to lead this country as AG. I’m not surprised that Sharpton is using the race-baiting tactics that made him famous.

When liberals are losing they always play the race card. So if you want to know if you’re winning against the liberals, just wait for them to squeal about racism.

Shannon said if Sharpton wants to agitate about race, he should focus instead on Planned Parenthood, which was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who wanted to promote “black genocide” by ensuring that poor blacks have easy access to abortion.

Hillary Clinton has long said that Margaret Sanger was her hero.


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