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Trump calls ABC’s ‘Blackish’ ‘racism at highest level,’ now the show is making his supporters pay the price

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Fans of President-elect Donald Trump who watched the Houston Texans’ win their game against the Oakland Raiders were treated to insults in a new commercial for ABC’s “Blackish.”

The promo showed the popular sitcom’s predominately black cast watching the election results and being disturbed by Trump’s victory.

It cut to one of the handful of white characters on the show, Lucy, played by Christine Reitman, admitting that she voted for Trump.

“I voted for Trump!” she said. “I’m a racist? I have black friends!”

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Her black coworkers, unconvinced of her tolerance, responded by being held back from attacking her.

The theme of the entire commercial was blatantly anti-Trump with a message that Trump voters are racist bigots and social media didn’t appreciate it.

The promo promised “They’ll be tweeting about this one.”

And they did.

Perhaps the “Blackish” producers are still angry about Trump’s tweet on the show from three years ago.

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Carmine Sabia


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