Sofia Vergara looked stunning but her dirty blunder was classless – and what’s with libs mocking foreign accents?

One wonders if Hollywood liberals weren’t so busy crying about having the presidential election “stolen” right out of their diamond-draped fingers if they could focus long enough to come up with some funnier jokes for presenters on live award shows.

During her award presentation at Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara used the term “anal” instead of “annual” while discussing the event’s traditions.

“The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has an anal tradition,” Vergara began, before making it worse. “I didn’t mean … they have an anus tradition. They have a tradition that they do every year of choosing a second-generation performer to assist in the presentation of the awards.”

It could have been meant as a joke, or perhaps it was unintentional — maybe she was having a “pain in the rumpus” moment at the time. Whatever it was, social media was unimpressed.

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Later, Vergara took to Instagram to admit that the joke was her own, writing that “I look lonely back stage but I was just trying to come up with my an*s joke hahhahha!!!!”

And, what’s with making fun of foreign accents . . . AGAIN? That schtick didn’t go well the first time around. American Music Awards co-host Gigi Hadid mocked Melania Trump’s Eastern European accent and was lambasted for days after.

Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham said it best in her 2003 book, “Shut Up & Sing.” Performers should stay away from things they generally don’t understand — like politics. Let’s add that they should, as in this case, read their lines as written. Leave the humor to the professional joke-writers.


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