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‘I’d like to hear from her’: Kellyanne asks why Meryl Streep was MIA on disabled Chicago torture victim

Chicago thugs tortured a disabled teen, blaming him for Trump’s election because he’s white. (Image: screengrab)

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Meryl Streep is a virtue-signaling leftist hypocrite.

That’s what incoming White House counselor Kellyanne Conway thinks after watching Streep’s unhinged rant at the Golden Globes, where the actress falsely claimed Donald Trump had mocked a reporter’s disability.

On “Fox and Friends,” Conway applauded Streep for her (faux) concern, but asked why — if Streep has such a passion for the disabled — she did not use her platform to advocate on behalf of the mentally disabled teen who was brutally tortured on Facebook.

I’m glad Meryl Streep has such a passion for the disabled because I didn’t hear her weigh in, I didn’t even hear her use her platform last night, Ainsley, to give a shout-out to the mentally challenged boy who last week was tortured live on Facebook for half an hour by four young African-American adults who were screaming racial and anti-Trump expletives and forcing him to put his head in toilet water.

Conway then looked directly into the camera and said: “So, I’d like to hear from her today if she wants to come and continue her platform on behalf of the disabled.”

Kellyanne pointed out that fake news reports claiming Trump had mocked a reporter’s disability have been proven to be false.

Conway then lashed out at the Golden Globes, where a roomful of overpaid celebrities mocked the new POTUS because they just can’t accept that Hillary Clinton lost.

“Everybody in that audience, with very few exceptions, was of a single myopic mind of how they wanted the election to go. They lost,” Kellyanne said.

“And I really wish [Meryl Streep] would have stood up last night and said, ‘I didn’t like the election results but he is our president and we’re going to support him.’

Conway then sighed in resignation: “But this is Hollywood. I think where there is self-pity, a lot more self-awareness would do them some charm.

“Talking about how vilified poor Hollywood is, in their gazillion-dollar gowns. Can I borrow a couple of those for the inaugural address?”

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