‘You f**king moron’: Meghan McCain’s advice to liberals over Meryl Streep’s rant didn’t go over too well

As liberals continue to emulate the very behavior that served to help elect Donald Trump as president, Megyn McCain did her best to tip them off.

..only to be called a “f**king moron” by comedian Billy Eichner.

McCain took to Twitter in response to actress Meryl Streep‘s long, rambling political speech at Sunday night’s Golden Globes that targeted President-elect Trump — the actress claimed he mocked a disabled reporter and intends to kick foreigners out of the country, among other things.

Eichner, star of “Billy on the Street” and “Difficult People,” was quick to praise Streep’s bizarre speech Sunday night, posting on Twitter: “MERYL. F**KING. STREEP. That’s all.”

So it’s not too surprising he took exception to McCain’s critique. After sharing a biased interpretation of what Streep said, he concluded a response by calling McCain a “f**king moron.”

If nothing else, the daughter of U.S. Sen. John McCain proved she’s not one to run from a fight, replying directly to Eichner’s vulgar tweet:

McCain clearly got under his skin, because Eichner responded with a series of tweets.

Not only did he attack her father for accepting campaign donations from the NRA, the comedian rambled on about preferring to live in a bubble than live with people who don’t agree with him, and insisted he has “no desire to ‘bridge the cultural divide’ with ignorant voters who don’t respect other cultures” — see anyone who failed to vote for Hillary Clinton.

If nothing else, McCain apparently knows enough to not engage with an ideologue going off on a liberal rant. Calling it a day after her first response, she opted not to post any further.

Oh, as for the claim about Trump mocking a disabled reporter, Larry Elder weighed in on the #fakenews to set the record straight:

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