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Terrorist plows over victims in Jerusalem, killing four, wounding 15, AP blames the truck

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The media has a new scapegoat for radical Islamic terrorists and it isn’t their old favorite, guns.

After a jihadist drove a truck into a group of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem the Associated Press headline didn’t mention the fact that the truck was driven by a terrorist.

“Truck rams into group of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem, killing four people, wounding 15,” it wrote.

Watters catches up to one of the cowards who accosted Ivanka on JetBlue…not such a tough guy now!

These renegade trucks are out of control.

One killed people in Germany according to ABC News.

Another attacked in Nice, France if you believe MSNBC.

Someone has to do something about these guns and trucks that continue to attack people.

Trump surprises left, picks Dan Coats as intelligence director – guess what country he was banned from?

Author Ali Abunimah said the attack might have been an accident, despite the fact that the trucked rammed its victims, backed off, then rammed them again.

Palestinians believed it was an attack as they were seen celebrating by handing out candy.

And some people still manage to see Israel as villains.

Social media weighed in on the ridiculousness of the reporting.

h/t: Twitchy.

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