Seattle mayor preps for Trump, earmarks $250K taxpayer funds to protect illegals from deportation

The mayor of one of America’s five most liberal large cities is setting aside as much as a quarter-million taxpayer dollars to protect its illegal immigrant residents from the boogeyman — President-elect Donald Trump.

Seattle, Washington Mayor Ed Murray has earmarked the $250,000 to defend students from families with undocumented immigrants, The Settle Times reported.

“The rhetoric and the promises of the incoming administration are a threat to Seattle’s economy and to Seattle’s workers,” Murray said, according to The Times.

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The taxpayer funds are meant to supplement efforts by the Seattle Foundation to prevent the deportation of local illegal immigrants and their families.

The Times reported:

Part of the city’s funding will be used to hold multiple community-education forums at Seattle Public Schools buildings and other venues, Murray said.

Organizations with legal expertise will offer information to immigrant students and their relatives, he said.

The forums will cover topics such as the importance of power-of-attorney documents and who to call for help when someone is in danger of being detained by immigration authorities, the mayor said.


Trump has said his efforts would be concentrated on building a border wall and deporting criminal illegal immigrants.

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Folks on social media were less than thrilled with Murray’s plans.

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One suggested better ways the funds could be put to use.

According to a 2014 report from The Economist, Seattle ranks third among the five most liberal cities in the United States. The other cities are — from most to least liberal — San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Oakland, California and Boston.


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