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Reporter does digging MSM won’t do and BINGO! The unreported scoop on the Fort Lauderdale shooter

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As the mainstream media continues to push the narrative that Fort Lauderdale terrorist Esteban Santiago is a disgruntled military veteran that snapped there are some actual investigative journalists doing their job.

GotNews.com did some research and discovered the name Santiago used three years before he went to Iraq as a soldier, on social media website MySpace, was “Aashiq Hammad.”

Santiago, or Hammad, recorded several songs on the site including one titled “La ilaha illAllah”, which in Arabic means “There is no God but Allah.”

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Photo credit GotNews.

GotNews made a rock solid case to prove Santiago and Hammad are one in the same through its investigation which you can read here.

The site made all the links including the fact that the terrorist’s brother is a connection of the Hammad account.

Discovering everything about an attacker used to be a job that mainstream media journalists did the second an attack like this happened, as they did with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Watters catches up to one of the cowards who accosted Ivanka on JetBlue…not such a tough guy now!

Now, America has to rely on the true investigative journalists, like those at Wikileaks and GotNews, to do the heavy lifting.

Read the entire expose on GotNews, who also was the first to publish the report that showed Santiago accessed jihadi videos online.

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