Is that a dead rat? ‘Hot’ woman’s glamorous selfie goes viral for all the wrong reasons

If you’re going to take and post a glamorous selfie before a night on the town, it’s probably a good idea to consider what’s in the background.

And make sure your room isn’t so cluttered that random people don’t find the compulsion to start looking for things that might pass for dead rats.

Tweeter Alyssa, from Louisiana, got a hefty dose of reaction when she posted this picture to her Instagram account:


Notice anything, er, out of place? Did Alyssa empty her closet finding that dress or does her room always look that way? Plenty of social media users took note, and were quick to pounce. One even posted a finger pointing at what could very well pass for a dead rat!

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The story even hit the Daily Mail, which also reported some of the social media reaction to Alyssa’s post:

Another poster called Nane said: ‘There’s literally a rat in her room.’

Tweeter Lechusa sarcastically quipped: ‘But ok, can you find Waldo?’

A poster called Nick was similarly unimpressed and tweeted: ‘How can you take a mirror pic like that knowing your room looks the way it does.’

One poster even “fixed” the picture for Alyssa.


Sure, her post went viral for all the wrong reasons, but it does seem like Alyssa is being a good sport about it.


After getting thousands of responses, she even used her newfound fame to post more pics, minus the clutter!


Considering all the pretty-girl-with-messy-room memes out there now, this whole thing does lead one to wonder:


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