Megyn Kelly changes Twitter bio as social media begs Fox to focus on next cut

Megyn Kelly either really wanted to get out of Fox News or is super excited to be at NBC.


The former “Kelly File” host wasted no time making changes after her last episode with Fox News on Friday as she added “anchor at NBC News” to her Twitter bio.



And Fox News fans want Fox executives to consider sending Shepard Smith out the door after her.

Smith has been on the outs with many Fox News fans for several months, if not years. Catch up on the many reasons why here.

Kelly not only feuded with Trump in 2016 but she had a public kerfuffle with fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity and a different public fight with Fox News’ flagship personality Bill O’Reilly.

But everything was friendly when she addressed her audience at the end of Friday’s episode.

Night after night you have welcomed us into your homes for some of the biggest moments in recent history.
We have tried to live up to the honor of being there.
I am sincerely grateful for your trust, your patience and your good humor over the years, which is one of the reasons saying goodbye is so hard.
But the truth is, I’m lucky to have been doing a job whose ending is bitter sweet.
I leave you knowing that I am better for having been here. I hope you feel the same.
Thank you for everything and I’ll see you again soon.



The response to the move from Fox News to NBC was split on social media.

The 46-year-old anchor had her share of cheerleaders but also many detractors. The majority of which she gained during her feud with President-elect Donald Trump.

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