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A job for Hillary? Dem activists are begging her to run for this seat as a giant ‘payback’

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If there’s one thing that Democrats and even the eight Republicans left in New York City can mostly agree on, it’s that Mayor Bill de Blasio is doing a horrible job. In fact, the mayor’s approval ratings stand at a dismal 35 percent, as even a majority of Democrats were less than positive about his performance.

Many New York City Democrats, however, have an answer to their problem …

Hillary Clinton.

That’s right, several Democratic activists have told the New York Post that they would support the former Democratic nominee were she to decide to run in a primary this year against Mayor de Blasio.


Gregory Floyd, president of Teamsters Local 237, which represents Housing Authority workers and school safety officers, told the Post, “If Hillary entered the race, she would be the best candidate. I would support her because we need a change in New York City. Hillary would be a better mayor than de Blasio. Every week we hear about investigations about fund-raising and city property being given away to real estate developers.”

It’s not like Clinton doesn’t have support in the Big Apple. She is a former New York senator, and she won 79 percent of the vote during her failed presidential bid.

“Hillary would have been the first female president. She would be the first woman mayor in the history of New York City,” said Rev. Patrick Young, pastor of First Baptist Church in East Elmhurst, Queens. “She would be better at working with people and engaging people. She would be a breath of fresh air. We have a cloud over our leadership right now.”

The pastor of Harlem’s Mount Neboh Baptist Church agrees. The Rev. Johnny Green told the Post, “Hillary over de Blasio. Anybody against de Blasio. De Blasio is a repeat offender when it comes to stupidity.”

Former Bloomberg campaign manager Bradley Tusk is actively recruiting a candidate to run against the current mayor. Of Hillary’s potential run, he said, “I’m not sure she would have an opponent. De Blasio would have to drop out if she ran.”

There’s even talk of a little “payback” to “torture” de Blasio for waiting so long to support Clinton in the Democratic primaries.


For her part, Clinton isn’t discouraging talk of a City Hall run. A source told the Post that she “wants to remain relevant.”

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Scott Morefield


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