Wow! Megyn Kelly all smiles despite the gargantuan salary she reportedly turned down from Fox

“Talk about over paid. That embarrassing and ridiculous.”

CNN’s Don Lemon uses infuriating term to explain torture of disabled man, and refuses to call it ‘evil’

“Still drunk?”

Animated Gingrich says Americans will soon need a microscope to find Obama’s legacy

“He’ll get a nice portrait in the White House.”

Trump is vetting Kellyanne’s husband for top legal role, and everyone is very impressed

“He’s a law geek, and I’ve never seen a better writer.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s newly sworn-in replacement will refer to illegal immigrants as ‘guests’

Elections have consequences.

US Army Honor Guard passed out cold during Obama’s farewell speech; sparks flurry of speculation


Battle brewing! Donald Trump just blasted ‘head clown’ Schumer for knowing how bad Obamacare is

He’s not afraid to call it like he sees it, that’s for sure.

megyn kelly
Major shakeup at Fox! Just like that, Megyn Kelly’s been replaced–and the feedback’s coming in strong

Well that didn’t take long.

House passes bill to make it easier to kill Obama’s last-minute ‘Midnight’ regs

“All this legislation does is allow for us to dispose of one or more regulations in an expedited fashion…”

Fox News ‘insiders’ reveal top 5 contenders to replace Megyn Kelly–and Greta weighs in with her favorite

“OK, I will weigh in…”

Bernie Sanders trolls Trump from Senate floor with giant tweet, makes Ted Cruz ‘chuckle’

“This was a central part of his campaign.”

‘I tried to kill him’: Pistol-packing grandma takes on armed burglar

“And when I started to get up, he was in here on me with a gun…”