Oops! WaPo Express apologizes for EMBRASSING flub on ‘feminist’ cover, but here’s what else it missed…

Thursday’s cover of The Washington Post Express sparked some scathing backlash for what it included — and what it didn’t.

“We made a mistake on our cover this morning and we’re very embarrassed,” the free daily publication tweeted Thursday after a major flub on its cover about the Women’s March on Washington.

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A tweet from the tabloid’s account set off a flurry of criticism by featuring the cover with a story about the Jan. 21 women’s rally, but mistakenly used the male gender symbol, .

The Express later tweeted out a corrected version of the cover, apologizing for the mistake.

And while Twitter users had a meltdown over the gaffe, Michael Flynn Jr. had a different perspective on newspaper covers and headlines for the day. He specifically mentions the Washington Post among others.

Flynn, whose father is Donald Trump’s incoming national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, was referring to the report Thursday of four black people allegedly kidnapping and torturing a mentally challenged white man while live-streaming video.

Many social media users felt the mainstream media did not sufficiently cover the story until they were pressured to by a grassroots push.


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