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CNN’s Don Lemon uses infuriating term to explain torture of disabled man, and refuses to call it ‘evil’

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As America recoiled at the actions of four black teenagers who beat a white mentally handicapped man while streaming their heinous crime on Facebook Live, CNN’s Don Lemon refused to define their actions as “evil.”

The teenagers kidnapped the victim from a Chicago suburb and took him to an apartment on Chicago’s West Side. They can be heard yelling “f**k Donald Trump” and “f**k white people” as they beat and tortured the man for as long as 48 hours.


Appearing as a guest on “CNN Tonight,” The Daily Caller’s Matt K. Lewis said in no uncertain terms that the act was evil.

“At the end of the day, you just try to wrap your head around evil,“ Lewis said. “That’s what this is: it’s evil, it’s brutality, it’s man’s inhumanity to man.”

But Lemon, fresh off his drunken New Year’s Eve escapade, was not willing to go there… or even call the incident a hate crime, saying the police have not done so.

“I don’t think it’s evil,” Lemon insisted. “I think these are young people and they have bad home training.”

Home training? C’mon.

To steer away from the actions of the four black teenagers, he reiterated his focus on whoever was raising them.

“I have no idea who’s raising these young people, because no one I know on earth, 17 years old or 70 years old, would ever think of treating another person like this.”

As might be expected, Lemon was eviscerated on social media — here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

A fuller clip can be viewed below:

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