Dems want Hillary to lose AGAIN? Lawmakers gear up for last-ditch fight to stop Trump win

It’s a long shot, but why not?

Oops! WaPo Express apologizes for EMBRASSING flub on ‘feminist’ cover, but here’s what else it missed…

“Is this some kind of record for largest typo?”

‘Anti-Trump’ Macy’s closing stores, slashing jobs nationwide after disappointing holiday season

It’s not going unnoticed by Trump fans.

Black writer has Twitter meltdown over BLM hashtag that took over the Chicago kidnapping, torture story

“There are no GoFundMe pages for them or nothing.”

CNN panelist has nerve to blame Trump for tortured Chicago teen – oh, and it’s NOT a hate crime

You knew it was coming.

‘Slave labor?’ Mass. sheriff raises eyebrows when he offers Donald Trump inmates to build border wall

“We are all becoming border states now.”

After 4 year battle, New Jersey judge OKs the building of a mosque in ‘landmark’ decision

This could have national implications.

Judging from this tweet, James Woods is not too happy about ‘weasel’ Holder keeping tabs on Trump

“Trump will chew him up and spit him out.”

Man thought proposing by a waterfall would be the perfect spot… let’s just say he didn’t think it through

“I was crying with happiness but then…”

Shaun King: I won’t speak up about Chicago assault because Black people are always punished

Liberal “logic” at its finest.

‘Really?’ Tucker can’t grasp Dem Rep’s weak answer on Obamacare and he lets him know it

“Is that really your argument?”

Four thugs who kidnaped and tortured white disabled teen charged with HATE CRIME

“This is going to affect him for probably the rest of his life.”

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