Paul Ryan has to reprimand Congressman’s teenage son at swearing-in; dad says he’s so grounded

“There will be no dabbing in Paul Ryan‘s Congress.”

The Speaker of the House won’t allow anyone to ruin a swearing-in ceremony, even if that means he has to reprimand someone else’s kid.

Kansas Congressman Roger Marshall was almost upstaged by his teenage son, Cal Marshall, who insisted on dabbing during the group photo-op. “Dabbing” is a dance move where you raise your arm and elbow in a manner that resembles sneezing.

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When Ryan noticed Cal dabbing during the swearing-in group photo-op, he asked, “Are you okay?”

When Cal maintained his pose, the Speaker asked, “‘You wanna put your hand down? Are you gonna sneeze? Is that it?”

Cal then stopped clowning around and said a quick “I’m sorry” before posing properly for the group photo.

Afterward, Ryan joked on Twitter: “Just finished swearing-in photos. Nearly 300 members. Countless cute kids. Still don’t get what dabbing is, though.”

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Cal Marshall said he was surprised by the attention he received and tweeted a headline that read: “There will be no dabbing in Paul Ryan’s Congress.”

Cal has since turned his Twitter account private, presumably because he was being barraged with negative comments over his immature stunt.

While Congressman Roger Marshall seemed oblivious to his son’s antics during the swearing-in, he later joked to Ryan that Cal was grounded.

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