Hairdresser is convicted, stands by decision to refuse service: ‘To me the hijab is the same as an Isis flag’

A Norwegian hairdresser is fighting back after being convicted and fined for booting a hijab wearing Muslim woman out of her establishment.

In September the hairdresser, Merete Hodne, was fined £800 for refusing to color the hair of Malika Bayan in Oct. 2015.

But Hodne has refused to pay the fine and has so far skirted a six-month prison sentence and has since appealed the ruling, Express reported.

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Hodne is an activist against, what she calls, the “Mohammedanism of Europe” and believes the issue is political and not religious.

“To me the hijab is the same as an Isis flag. The hijab is a political symbol,” she told Stavanger Aftenblad.

“As a matter of principle, one cannot know if the person wearing it is a Mohammedan or if it is someone who believes that God has decided that they should wear the garment,” she said.

The hairdresser contended that the court was influenced by her membership to an anti-Islam group and thus she didn’t get a fair hearing, according to Express.

A new male witness who was not involved in the September trial has revealed that Bayan did not randomly pick the activists salon but was rather told by others to seek it out.

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“In central Bryne, there were five or six people and I overheard them say that ‘now you should do this and that and go up to Hodne’,” the witness told the court.

“The way I understood it was that they planned it there and then.”

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