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NYC button maker can’t keep up with Trump demand; Obama was hot, but ‘Trump is beyond beyond belief’

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The so-called button man of Times Square, the man who’s been selling political merchandise and buttons of all persuasions for over 40 years, has never seen anything quite as good for his business as our new President-elect, Donald J. Trump.

In fact, Mort Berkowitz told the New York Post that he’s all out of Donald Trump watches and he’s selling inaugural buttons as soon as he makes them.

Mort Berkowitz, image via screengrab @CNN

Before Trump came on the scene, most of Berkowitz’s sales were from Democratic strongholds like New York and California, but now orders are coming from everywhere, including Iowa, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, and more, according to the Post.

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“Before the election,” Berkowitz said, “I sold as much Trump merchandise as Hillary Clinton merchandise. That’s never happened for a Republican before. Trump supporters are passionate.”

And it’s been this way for a long time. The button maker told the Post back in March, before Trump had even won the nomination, that “Trump is humongous,” and that the button maker hadn’t seen anything like that since Barack Obama ran for president in 2008.

“Obama was beyond belief,” Berkowitz said, but “Trump is beyond beyond belief.”

His Midtown office includes a wide variety of Trump merchandise, both positive and negative. That’s because both sides find value in buttons, to either support or disparage a candidate.

image via screengrab @CNN

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