Rosie O’Donnell finds new idea, warns America ‘only 3 weeks’ to stop ‘mentally unstable’ Trump

Donald Trump ought to pay Rosie O’Donnell rent for all the space he’s taking up in her head.

The comedian has not stopped tweeting about the president-elect, and ways to stop him from becoming the president, since his November election victory. On New Year’s Day she took it further with a new possible scheme to keep Trump from the Oval Office.

The 54-year-old called Trump “mentally unstable” and warned her followers that America has less than three weeks to stop him from becoming president.

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She sent the tweet with a link attached that directed to a CNN article about an author who said he was booted off of a Trump golf course by the president-elect because he didn’t like what the author wrote about him in a biography decades ago.

How does O’Donnell propose stopping him, after recounts and begging the Electoral College both didn’t work?

Here’s a new idea: She retweeted a petition that includes having Trump locked in a mental institution. Oh yes, brilliant, Rosie . . . that should work.


Rosie’s celebrity status helped bring the total number of petition signers to a whopping 153 as of this publication.

The feud between Trump and O’Donnell has been going on since the comedian was a host on the ABC show “The View” and got more intense as the Republican ran for president.

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It reached its low point in November when O’Donnell suggested Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron might be autistic.

In other news today . . . a pitbull named Scarface viciously attacked its owners, for attempting to make him wear a Christmas sweater.

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