Latina reporter left dumbfounded after she asks injured anti-immigration white man if he is racist

If anyone needs more evidence as to why Donald Trump won the presidency they needn’t look further than an old video that has begun making the rounds on social media again.

In it, a white man bleeding at a 1996 pro-illegal immigration rally was asked by a reporter for Spanish language station Univision if he was a racist. He had been hit with a frozen bottle causing a gash in his head, while he was counter-protesting.

“Are you a racist?” she asked the man, straight-faced.

Unfortunately for the reporter, the black man standing next to the injured white man was Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

Rev. Peterson laced into the reporter and took her to school.

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“Are you a racist” Peterson asked the stunned news woman.

“Why did you ask him that question?” Peterson asked before he answered it for her.

“You are only asking him because he’s white,” he charged.

“Why don’t you ask me if I’m racist? Because I’m black, right?”

The look of defeat on the reporter’s face during Patterson’s soliloquy is priceless.

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Carmine Sabia


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