James Woods fires off at Sens. Graham and McCain for doubling down with Dems

Actor James Woods, who recently rejoined Twitter with his conservative posts, slammed Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham for joining Barack Obama in his desire to punish Russia with further sanctions over unproven allegations that Russian hackers interfered in the U.S. elections.

Referring to a story by The Hill newspaper, Woods criticized GOP Senators McCain and Graham for joining Obama and a list of Democrats who want even tougher sanctions on Russia.


The timing of Obama’s actions suggests to many that his motivation was to make life more difficult for President-elect Donald Trump than the Russians.

Globalist billionaire, Dem mega-donor George Soros has also been working overtime to make Trump’s work harder, and Woods apparently thought the two GOP senators and Soros would like spending time together.

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Soros recently insisted that Trump is somehow a “danger” to worldwide democracy and called him a would-be dictator.

Along with Woods, Ann Coulter is another who has noted the effort to hamstring Trump before he even takes office. Coulter recently noted that Soros is a sinister creature, indeed.

McCain and Graham are hardly alone in the quest to sanction Russia. Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan also recently welcomed Obama’s sanctions against Russia calling them “overdue.”

In any case, a large number of James Woods’ Twitter fans were 100% in agreement with his slam on McCain and Graham.


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