In final days Obama buries Trump in slew of red tape and regulations – be damned the American people

President Obama is intent on tying President-elect Trump’s hands as much as possible, but in doing so he is also putting the screws to the American people.

Last week the Obama admin chose not to support one of America’s greatest allies and veto an anti-Israeli resolution in the United Nations.  Obama continued his contentious foreign policy on Thursday when he used an executive order to put sanctions Russia and booted 35 of its operatives.

But even before that, the president banned oil and gas drilling in large areas across the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. He also went so far as to destroy what was left of a registry that mainly affected Muslim immigrant men, and under heavy opposition blocked 1.6 million acres of Western land from being developed, The Hill reported.

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What gets little fanfare, but affects the economy, jobs and eventually every American, is Obama’s passion for heavy-handed and abundant regulations.

The administration enacted 18 new regulations for every law passed by Congress in 2016, according to an analysis released Friday, the Washington Examiner reported.

Congress enacted 211 new laws during the year but President Obama’s pen and phone piled on 3,852 federal regulations that comprised a record-setting 97,110 pages of red tape, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Unconstitutional Index.

But he’s not done.

The president is preparing to slam Americans with $6 billion worth of new regulations before he leaves office in a midnight regulation dump, the Examiner reported.

A mere five measures from the EPA and Department of the Interior can mean $5.1 billion in new costs and add 350,000 new paperwork hours, according to Sam Batkins of American Action Forum.

In other words, screw you Trump — and America.


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