Fox News guest host is no shrinking flower . . . and definitely don’t call her the ‘R-word’!

Trish Regan sat in for Neil Cavuto on Fox News’ “Your World” Tuesday and things got hot in a hurry when a guest accused her of being a member of the Republican party.

Democratic strategist Arash Aramesh told the host he supported Rep. Maxine Waters and other Democrats who have stomped their feet in a tantrum and vowed to not meet with President-elect Donald Trump.

“Your party has painted a masterpiece of obstruction,” Armesh declared, accusing the host of being a Republican.

“I’m actually an independent,” Regan shot back.

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“And George Stephanopoulos is also an independent,” Aramesh said.

“But I see both sides, unlike many members of the media these days,” Regan said.

The host tried to explain that meeting with the next president is the only way Democrats can effectively argue for what it wants but Aramesh wasn’t interested.

Instead, he spent the majority of the interview talking over Regan.

A precursor, perhaps, to how Democrats will spend the next four years.

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Carmine Sabia


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