Entitled liberals with cash can buy these 2 Obama chairs for around $1,500 per cheek

Are you butthurt that Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump?

For a cool $6,000, you could put your bottom at ease with a pair of chairs the outgoing president himself sat in often during his 2008 campaign!

RR Auction is selling the chairs that were on Obama’s lead bus during the campaign, and according to TMZ “we’re told he sat in them often while jawboning with top advisers …. including Joe Biden and Michelle Obama.”

Obama on bus
No, not THIS bus!

Features include reclining and Obama’s campaign logo stitched into the material.

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The chairs are expected to fetch upwards of $6,000 for the pair, a small price for some lucky out-of-touch Democrat to pay to escape the oncoming reality they’re about to face for the next four years.

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