Comedian Steve Martin’s Carrie Fisher tweet falls victim to the PC-police. What a shame.

Actor and comedian Steve Martin was among the celebrities weighing in via Twitter on the all-too-soon death of actress and Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher.

“Was” being the operative word, because a tweet Martin had sent out Tuesday afternoon, which had garnered over 11,000 likes and over 2,000 retweets, promptly disappeared shortly thereafter.

But, Hollywood Reporter had already copied the tweet:

So, was Martin’s tweet a victim of political correctness run amok? It would seem so. Consider the words of Claire Landsbaum of New York magazine’s The Cut:

“But that characterization of Leia — as a wet dream for prepubescent men — is something Fisher spoke out against her whole career…” Landsbaum writes of Martin’s tweet. “So remember Fisher for her immense talent, her outspoken feminism, and her moving commentary on mental health — not for the way she looked onscreen.”

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Many on social media saw this as an example of the PC police, and weren’t afraid to voice their opinions on the matter:

In fact, a look at reactions to The Cut’s post reveal a stunning majority who reflect these sentiments. It would seem, thankfully, that more and more people are growing tired of the PC-police.

Now, if Steve Martin hadn’t deleted that tweet!

H/T Twitchy

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