Patriots are going to LOVE who Trump just tapped to write his inauguration speech

When Donald Trump gives his inauguration speech on January 20, the whole world will be watching, and the people who voted for the new president will be especially listening to for any telltale signs of what’s to come.

Minus the harsh campaign rhetoric that’s likely to be absent, will the speech highlight Trump’s resolve to keep key campaign promises, or will it hint at compromise and surrender to the demands of the ruling class he is about to replace?

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Thankfully, those who would like to see Trump keep his campaign promises, particularly on the issue of illegal immigration and America’s porous border, should be encouraged by the individual who has been tasked with writing the speech itself – senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.


In fact, according to Politico, Miller happens to be the speechwriter whose own voice mostly reflects that of his boss, and if the speech he drafted at the Republican National Convention is any indication, supporters are going to be happy.

Known as an immigration hawk who once worked as an aide to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, Miller has become Trump’s go-to speechwriter after joining the campaign only a few weeks before the GOP Convention. When he was named senior policy adviser, conservative pundit Ann Coulter told The Daily Caller, “We’re one step closer to my dream of having Stephen Miller run the country.”

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According to Politico, the inaugural address will frame the President-elect’s agenda as something all Americans can unite around – infrastructure, education, border security, outsourcing, and economic and military strength – all similar themes covered in Miller’s RNC speech.

But without border security, as Trump himself has said on multiple occasions, “We don’t have a country.”

Perhaps January 20 will be a rousing start to reclaiming that country.

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