Incoming WH press sec. says don’t fear Trump’s use of social media, that’s the ‘exciting’ part

President-elect Donald Trump will not be abandoning his Twitter account once he is sworn in to office.

In fact, Trump’s ability to connect with supporters via social media is going to be “a really exciting part of the job,” according to incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer who spoke with news station WPRI in Rhode Island in an interview published Monday.

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“I think that his use of social media in particular,” Spicer said, “is going to be something that’s never been seen before.”

Trump’s tweets during the presidential campaign made headlines on their own and he has continued make comments through Twitter since the election, reaching his 18 million followers.

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“He has this direct pipeline to the American people, where he can talk back and forth ” to about 40 million combined followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Spicer noted.

This “allows him to add an element of a conversation that’s never occurred,” he added.

“He can put his thoughts out and hear what they’re thinking in a way that no one’s ever been able to do before,” Spicer said. “I mean, he does communicate in a much bigger way than there’s ever been before, and I think that’s gonna be just a really exciting part of the job.”

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