CNN’s Dana Bash mocked for her ‘Pollyanna’ view that Dems will just ‘say uncle’ now

CNN’s Dana Bash has a Pollyanna wish that we could all just get along.

Bash weighed in during a CNN panel discussion about how Democrats will deal with the Trump Administration.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said it was “politically effective” for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to block President Obama when he tried to appoint a new Supreme Court justice because now, a Republican president will be able to fill that seat.

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto asked if Democrats will adopt a similar tactic as payback. Dana Bash, who lamented how “bitterly partisan” Washington has gotten, said she wishes both sides would put down their swords for once and do what’s best for the country.

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“There’s politics and then this is my Pollyanna part: ‘What’s good for the country?'” Bash said. “Maybe, just maybe, somebody can say ‘uncle.’ And if it’s the Democrats, OK, because it’s just where we are right now in the political world.”

Meanwhile, Democrats like Congresswoman Maxine Waters have already vowed to obstruct Trump. “I’m going to fight him every step of the way,” Waters promised.

The reaction on Twitter from Democrats echoed Waters’ sentiments. But Trump supporters pointed out how dumb they sounded, since Washington gridlock basically means the American people get shafted.

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